New Dallas coffee shop will employ teen,

young adult foster children.

“La La Land Kind Café will open in Dallas’ Lower Greenville neighborhood and feature all-organic products and a staff that is aging out of the foster care system.The café’s owner said the idea is to employ and mentor foster youth who have not had the same opportunities other kids have had.”


Former foster youth find jobs at new La La Land Cafe on Lower Greenville.

“The feel-good coffee shop La La Land Kind Cafe, which employees former foster youth, will open Monday in a 100-year-old renovated home on Lowest Greenville, according to a news release.The spot at 5626 Bell Ave. will be open daily and provide an extensive coffee and tea menu with a small assortment of pastries and toast. The drinks are meticulously sourced, with the espresso machine built by hand for 15 weeks in Amsterdam. The matcha tea is sourced from one of the oldest family-owned farms in Japan.


Cheery new cafe off Dallas’ Lower Greenville brews coffee and kindness.

“La La Land was founded by 23-year-old Francois Reihani, who also founded a companion nonprofit called We Are One Project. The cafe’s mission is to provide a place of employment for foster youth who have turned 18 and are no longer receiving assistance.”

Dallas eater

This Stunning New Cafe Empowers Foster Youth Near Lowest Greenville

“The 23-year-old founder Francois Reihani created the cafe as an extension of his non-profit We Are One Project, which employs foster youth who have turned 18 and are no longer receiving assistance. To that end, La La Land Kind Café will be staffed by foster kids who are aging out of the system or have already turned 18 and are struggling to find or maintain a job. “We give them the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to thrive in the working world,” Reihani said in a statement. Plus, 10 percent of proceeds from the café will fund the We Are One Project.”

Photos courtesy of Kathy Tran.