Our Mission

To make the world a kind place. We hope to set the example that all businesses can, and need to be caring for our people, our planet, and our society.  We are in the business of kindness.

Our Story

We can do this, together.

La La Land is a socially conscious cafe that prioritizes kindness, honest ingredients, and altruism above all else.

After learning about the staggering statistics of what happens to foster youth who age out of the system, we were left in shock. Kids who have spent their lives alone, were then left on the street at the age of 18. This led us into creating the We Are One project in 2017. We were set out to provide everything youth needed to become self sustaining, happy adults. This meant providing help with housing, job placement, mentorship, and therapy. As much as we tried, it wasn’t working. Our youth could not get or maintain jobs, and without a job everything else would crumble. Employers were not willing to hire youth with no experience, or did not have the patience to teach them. If no one was going to hire our youth, we set out to do it our selves.

La La Land Kind Cafe was born.

We believe that success is measured on the positive impact we make on society, not just how much money we make. To create a business model that encompasses everything we wish to see from businesses today. We traveled around the world on a quest to learn about and procure the highest quality organic ingredients so that we could serve and inspire our communities. To set an example, and show the world that we can all be doing our part.

We’re one company and we can’t do this alone.

Making a real impact on society requires a team effort. We hope to encourage businesses to follow these values making our world a better place.

Our Values

Our guiding values represent what being a kind business means to us. We follow these to lead every decision we make. Each taking a step closer to making our world real again. Hoping to influence companies around the world to follow our lead.

Honest Ingredients

Only serve products that truly nourish the body.


To really show you what is going into your body, how its made, and even sharing how much we make.


Sharing knowledge with whoever wants to learn more about quality ingredients, and the best techniques.


It is our responsibility to keep the world green. Our duty, not option.


Bringing up issues in our society and solutions on how to help.

Lending a hand

We can all make a difference and help those in need. No matter what business we're in.