Non-organic farms use synthesized

chemicals that are damaging to the environment and our health.

What we put into our body has a great affect on our health and wellness for ourselves

and our environment. At La La Land, we don’t believe that health should be expensive.

We are committed to serving the best organic ingredients, without the organic prices.

Reasons to go organic



Organics nourish and fuel our bodies properly.

Think of your body like luxury car:

we want to fuel it with only the premium stuff.



No harsh chemicals, makes for the most pure

and honest product possible.

Organics are grown on soil with no artificial

pesticides and must be picked at peak ripeness.

BETTER benefits


Organic ingredients naturally have more

vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.



Ingredients with no chemical preservatives,

grow hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.



Organics mean no polluting chemicals or fertilizers.

It also means that farmers, animals, and

our planet has been treated fairly.