La La Program is designed to be a stepping stone for foster youth to bloom into the best version of themselves. Within our 8 week program, there will be a weekly lesson plan catered to the needs of each foster youth, involving a breakdown of different life skills that will help them succeed and grow into an independent adult. Each lesson plan will contain beneficiary information and tips for youth to be successful not only in the working world, but in their everyday lives.

In terms of our weekly check ins, these consist of phone & zoom calls made personally between the Program Director and the foster youth. The weekly check ins are a crucial component of the program because it allows the Program Director to be:

• a listening ear
• a helping hand
• a shoulder to lean on

For every single foster youth that walks through our doors. We want to provide foster youth with opportunities that they may not have had in the past. We are here to give them a chance. This program is not just about giving foster youth employment, but to help them navigate through the ups and downs of life-the good, bad, & everything in between.

To take a quick peek into our program it will begin with an extremely detailed onboarding process. This portion of the program will focus on clarifying what is expected from each and every youth that joins our La La Land family. This will lead into emphasizing the importance of our 8 Pillars of Purpose. These 8 pillars represent the 8 goals that each foster youth will aim to achieve during the entirety of the program. All of the goals presented will be self-fulfilling goals which target helping the youth grow into the best version of themselves. (If you would like to look over the 8 pillars, the link is right here The 8 Pillars of Purpose)
During their 8 weeks they learn:

• life skills
• on the job training
• customer service training
• mentorship

1. Each week will emphasize an important topic using different learning techniques and activities to keep the youth engaged and ready to learn. We want them to be successful, but mental health is also very important to us. That is why we have weekly check-ins with the youth to talk about whatever is on their mind and keep track of their progress.

2. After the completion of our 8 week program, youth will have the decision to keep working at La La Land as a full time/part time employee or begin thinking about what they are passionate about and what career fields they may prefer to go into instead. If they have decided to go into a different field, we will provide them with all of our resources and help them find new employment in positions that peak their interest. Let’s not forget, they are forever a part of our WAO program and always have

access to our resources such as:
• Job placement
• Housing
• Schooling
• Therapy

3. We put our heart and soul into this program, but we are learning every single day and working towards making sure this program truly works. Although we are nowhere near perfect, we are constantly adapting to this beautiful, changing world around us. Our long term goal is to be able to create a program that we can share with all kinds of businesses. This way everyone can be a part of the solution, and normalizing kindness will be a priority for not only us, but people all around the world.