Many factors come into play to produce great coffee, including the altitude of farms, farming methods, sorting, drying, and roasting process.

It takes lots of time and deep attention to detail to produce a great cup of coffee.


Coffee trees grow cherries that are then peeled leaving you with two beans. Craft coffee cherries are then hand picked, one by one, to make sure only the ripe ones are being used. These trees must be farmed at an altitude of 4000-6000 feet.

Flavor Profile

Where the coffee trees are farmed, and conditions of the weather, have great effect on the flavors and aromas of the beans.

Coffee cupping

The process in which we choose our coffee is an extensive and rigorous process of sorting through thousands of variations. Each bean variation goes through “cupping”. Cupping gives you the full aroma, and taste of the beans. Essentially, cupping is slurping coffee off a spoon extremely loudly to take in the full effect of the coffee (yes this is the professional way).

PSA: Do not practice “cupping” in public. People will think you’re crazy.


The process in which green coffee (aka unroasted coffee beans) is processed, how wet or how dry, have an impact on the flavor profile.

have you tried all of the variations?