kind cafe with the purpose of hiring foster youth + spreading kindness.


The name La La Land land represents a dream world. We set out to bring La La Land to life. A place where you walk in and feel a true sense of joy for life. A place where you are loved for who you are. A place that brings together all human beings. A place where kindness is priority. If we can have a positive impact on all human beings who walk through our doors, the kindness will spread like wildfire. The more stores we open, the more people we touch, the more we can prove that kindness is the way.  People before profits. Lets create a business model that encompasses everything we wish to see from businesses today.  Let's raise the standard of what we expect from businesses. If we can prove that a business can be kind, give back, care about their community, and serve high quality products while still making a profit, we will prove it can be done.

Imagine a world where every human was truly kind to each other. Imagine a world where every business is expected to give back and truly care for their people. This is La La Land.

True change starts with you. We hope that we can accomplish the following:
  1. Prove to you how awesome kindness is, so that you spread it with the people around you. Never underestimate the power of kindness.
  2. Prove to you that a business truly can do a lot more, and raise your standards for what you expect. People over profits.

Our Story.

We can do this together.

La La Land is a socially conscious cafe that prioritizes kindness, honest ingredients, and altruism above all else.

After learning about the staggering statistics of what happens to foster youth who age out of the system, we were left in shock. Kids who have spent their lives alone, were then left on the street at the age of 18. This led us into creating the We Are One project in 2017. We were set out to provide everything youth needed to become self sustaining, happy adults. This meant providing help with housing, job placement, mentorship, and therapy. As much as we tried, it wasn’t working. Our youth could not get or maintain jobs, and without a job everything else would crumble. Employers were not willing to hire youth with no experience, or did not have the patience to teach them. If no one was going to hire our youth, we set out to do it our selves.

We believe that success is measured on the positive impact we make in society, not just how much money we make.

We’re one company and we can’t do this alone. We hope to encourage you to be intentionally kind to everyone, even strangers. We hope to inspire other businesses to follow these values, making our world a better place.

Here is our current thought process: (Mission : TO NORMALIZE KINDNESS)

  1. Our team spreads kindness to thousands of our guests and in our communities on a daily basis
  2. Thousands of our guests and those in our communities spread kindness to others
  3. Hundreds of thousands of humans feel kindness and continue to share it on daily basis
  4. We grow to open stores in new communities, first handedly touching millions 
  5. We continue to cover as much ground and as many humans as possible worldwide
  6. Businesses follow our lead to create their companies with kindness and compassion
  7. Big corporations must adapt and change to give back to their communities
  8. Humans expect companies to do more, to care about our people.
  9. Humans see the tremendous effect of being kind and implementing it daily
  10. The next generation is raised in a KIND CULTURE
  11. Kindness is Normalized